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Ingrid Klimke (1968), Německo

Curriculum vitae of Ingrid Klimke

Ingrid was born in Münster, Westfalia on April 1, 1968.

Master's degree in equestrian management.

Trained in dressage, stadium jumping and 3-day eventing.

In 1998 she began managing her own stable of dressage, jumping and 3-day eventing horses.

The focus of Ingrid's work is the effective training of horses from the beginning all the way through to championship levels.

Dressage: Her father, Dr. Reiner Klimke, taught her how to train horses in the correct, classical way.

Retired Major Paul Stecken is Ingrid's venerable adviser and coach.

Stadium jumping: Fritz Ligges took over her stadium jumping education. Ian Miller hosted Ingrid as a working student in Canada.

Anne Kursinski and Kurt Gravemeier, coach of the German National Stadium Jumping Team have been advisors in stadium jumping.

3-Day Eventing: Ingrid works both with national coach Christopher Bartle and Hans Melzer.

Competition success

By the end of 1991, in addition to many honours and national championships, Ingrid had already won her first bronze medal (individual/team) at the European Championships that were held at Flyinge, Sweden. Her list of accomplishments includes the following:

1992, member of the elite team from which riders were chosen to represent Germany at the Olympics in Barcelona.

1998, winner of the World Championship for young 3-day event horses in Le Lion d'Angers, France.

1999, 2000 and 2001, German champion in 3-day eventing.

1998, 1999, 2003, 2006 and 2007, champion of German professional riders.

2002, competed in the World Cup Final in dressage at s'Hertogenbosch and achieved an outstanding 7th place finish.

2006, won the World Championship for six year old dressage horses.

2006, 2nd at the CCI**** Badminton, GB; the best result ever for a German rider.

Eventing championships

2000, member of the 4th place 3-day eventing team at the Olympic games in Sydney, Australia. Had the current rules been in effect, her personal result would have earned her the silver medal in individual competition.

2004, competed in her second Olympics in Athens, Greece as a member of the 4th placed 3-day eventing team.

2005, won the individual bronze medal in eventing at the European championships in Blenheim, GB.

2006, member of the gold medal winning 3-day eventing team at Aachen.

2007, the highest placed rider on the German 3 day eventing team finishing 10th in the individual standings at the European championships in Rome, Italy.

2008 konnte ich in Hong Kong bei den olympischen Spielen mit der Mannschaft die Goldmedaille in der Vielseitigkeit gewinnen.

Other significant activities

Assisting in the training of advanced pony, junior and young riders.

Cavaletti work for the American Academy.

Lecturing on equine physiotherapy at the German Institute of Equine Osteopathy.

Speaking engagements for Landrover and Mercedes.

Assisting in the lecture series, "Improve Your Riding", the German National Federation's campaign for better training at the Horse Academy.

Seminars on various topics to the personnel of the National Federation.

Teaching master classes in theory and practice at the Westfalian Riding and Driving School in Münster.

Key-note speaker and expert clinician at several symposia in the US, including the US Dressage Federation annual symposium in Kansas City and the New England Dressage Association in Hadley, Mass.

Clinics in dressage, stadium jumping and eventing in a number of countries, including Canada, the US, Belgium, South Africa and Norway.

Member of the board of the German Riders and Drivers Federation and the Westfalian Museum of the Horse.

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