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Kniha: Photography - Tom Ang
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Kniha: Photography

Discover the history behind photography and learn the skills to get the best from your photographs. A comprehensive all-in-one guide, Photography introduces you to the art, history, and culture of photography, and shows you how to take your own fantastic professional-standard photographs. An in-depth guide to all things photographic, Photography opens with a gallery of more than 30 key figures in photography, from 19th-century pioneers to the top photographers working today.The gallery provides fascinating contrasts between diverse genres, such as art photography, reportage, portrait, and wildlife photography. The book then tells the story of photography, from its "garden shed" beginnings to the rise of the "selfie" today. Photography further features: - All the skills and techniques of photography and features tips for using a smartphone to create stunning photos.- Combines creative typography, graphics, and clear text to present photographic skills in a clear, easily understood way. - Provides an introduction to the history of photography. - Includes a guide to the leading photographers The second half of the book introduces cameras, accessories, and software, explaining what they can do and how to use them.It shows how to take better photographs by mastering the technical aspects of your camera, how to experiment with composition, colour and light, and how to digitally enhance your photos. Inspirational masterclasses covering all genres of photography - landscape, portraits, wildlife, architecture, art - also provide you with an opportunity to apply your newfound skills in a clear and practical way and give advice on becoming a professional photographer yourself. The ideal book for anyone with an interest in the history of photography, or who wants to improve their own photography technique, doubling up as the perfect gift book for photography and art students who are seeking to learn more about these subjects.

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Tom Ang
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